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The Story from the South

The unknown creature made of stones appeared in the South.
The news itself would've disappeared into rumor in usual case. Stones always move.
But according to the travelers, the creature fired the Breath of the Dragons.
The words spread between scholars like fire in the straws.
Of course the words from the drunkards in the taverns you don't have to listen.

Some claimed that soul of the dragon indwelled the ancient rocks.
Many theory said that it's just old golem imitating the dragons.
A ridiculous hypothesis wrote that golem is actually the infancy of dragon, and that is why dragon scale is so hard.
Some said that rock drank too much meads to become the Creature. I feel so ashamed that it was told not by a random drunkard but scholar.

The truth of the mystery is just fossil of the sleeping dragon was buried under the stones.
It was all silly mess happened because nobody was able to check it.